La-Z-Boy/Fallon’s Furniture Support NHBCC!

LaZboyLa-Z-Boy and Fallon’s Furniture extended their Breast Cancer Awareness Month fundraiser this year and recently presented NHBCC with a generous donation for the NHBCC Support Services Fund.  Our sincere thanks to Stephen and Linda Newell and to all staff and customers for their ongoing support of the Support Services Fund, which benefits breast cancer patients in New Hampshire who need assistance with the critical expenses of daily living.

Pictured here for the check presentation are (left to right) Nancy Ryan, NHBCC President, with staff Rachael Manfra, Jenna Guilmette and Deb Desrochers.

November 14th through November 27th

NHBCC has the opportunity to receive up to $2,500 in donations through @Hannaford Supermarkets, but the amount depends on YOUR votes!

Beginning November 14th, six of the Manchester-area Hannaford stores will have ballot boxes where customers can vote for their favorite charity. Votes will be collected through November 27th. Donations will be awarded based on the number of votes each charity receives.

We hope you will cast your vote for the New Hampshire Breast Cancer Coalition!

The participating Hannaford stores are:

201 John E Devine Dr. Manchester, NH

859 Hanover St. Manchester, NH

79 Bicentennial Dr. Manchester, NH

5 Colby Ct. Bedford, NH

4 Jenkins Rd. Bedford, NH

605 Mast Rd. Goffstown, NH

Remember  – the more votes NHBCC receives, the higher our donation will be! So please head to one of the Manchester-area Hannaford stores today & vote for the New Hampshire Breast Cancer Coalition! Votes will be counted & announced on 12/5/15.

Thank you for supporting the New Hampshire Breast Cancer Coalition!


ANuDu, Inc, 54 Calef Highway, Lee, New Hampshire, raised $1,000.00 for the NHBCC Support Services Fund during October.

A tip of the hat to ANuDu owner Teri, her staff and customers for a remarkable effort to help support New Hampshire breast cancer patients.

Pictured below are Teri (second from right), ANuDu staff, Nancy Ryan (center) and “A-Train” from The Shark, 102.1 / 105.3, Classic Hits for the Seacoast.


ANuDu 2015 IMG_0621

Kudos to Ron Currier’s Hilltop Chevrolet in Somersworth, New Hampshire, for raising $250.00 for the NHBCC Support Services Fund.

Thanks to Ron, Kylie, the staff and customers who helped to make this effort a success!

Pictured below from left to right are:  Kylie Goodwin (Hilltop Chevrolet), Nancy Ryan (NHBCC), and Jonathan from 102.1 and 105.3 The Shark, classic hits for the Seacoast!




Visit Hilltop Chevrolet at:

Ron Currier’s Hilltop Chevrolet


Students and their families from the Kaizen Academy in Raymond, NH, raised $1,145.00 for the New Hampshire Breast Cancer Coalition this year through their “Pink Belts to Kick Breast Cancer” campaign.  Kudos to all!  NHBCC is grateful for your support!


KAIZEN #3 2015

Many of us wonder if exposure to some home care and personal care products increases the risk for breast cancer.  A study published this month (June 2015) in the Journal of Clincial Endocrinology and Metabolism suggests that women exposed in utero to the pesticide DDT may have a nearly fourfold increase in the risk of developing the disease.  According to the authors of the study, “This prospective human study links measured DDT exposure in utero to risk of breast cancer.  Experimental studies are essential to confirm results and discover causal mechanisms.  Findings support classification of DDT as an endocrine disruptor, a predictor of breast cancer, and a marker of high risk.”

Read more here:

National Geographic: DDT Linked to Fourfold Increase In Breast Cancer Risk

Macy’s Grant Provides Support for New Hampshire Breast Cancer Patients

NHBCC extends its deepest thanks to Macy’s for providing a $3,000 grant for our Support Services Fund. The Support Services Fund is a financial resource for low-income and uninsured patients being treated in New Hampshire. We cover the essential needs for daily living so patients can focus on getting well.

Thank you, Macy’s, for making a meaningful difference in the lives of breast cancer patients in New Hampshire!



Fran Visco:  “Our health decisions should be based on our personal values and a high level of scientific evidence of benefit that far outweighs the harm we risk with any intervention. Because there always, always is harm.”  Difficult decisions come with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Click here to read thoughts from National Breast Cancer Coalition President Fran Visco:

NBCC President Fran Visco speaks out about breast cancer decisions


NHBCC President Nancy Ryan (far right) and NHBCC Board member Lucie Chakmakas recently visited the La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in Manchester, New Hampshire, to present a thank you plaque to La-Z-Boy and Fallon’s Furniture staff (left to right) Rachael Manfra, Jenna Guilmette and Deb Desrochers. Thanks to La-Z-Boy Furniture and Fallon’s Furniture for your generous ongoing financial support for the NHBCC Support Services Fund!


LA-Z-BOY 2015 20150211_164534

New Hampshire’s representatives in Congress, Rep. Frank Guinta (R-NH 1st District) and Rep. Ann McLane Kuster (D-NH 2nd District)) have signed a “Dear Colleague” letter, urging their colleagues to support continued funding for the Department of Defense Peer-Reviewed Breast Cancer Research Program (DoD BCRP). This breast cancer research program is an innovative, high-impact, efficient program that includes consumer participation and is highly accountable to the public. Early funding from this program led to the development of the innovative drug Herceptin.

To thank Congresswoman Kuster, call (202) 225-5206, and to thank Congressman Guinta, call (202) 225-5456 with this message:

“Thank you for signing the Dear Colleague letter in support of the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program for Fiscal Year 2016. Thank you for your leadership in helping to ensure vital funding for this critical program.”