New! Sponsor A New Hampshire Woman!

Breast cancer strikes approximately 1,000 New Hampshire women each year. These women and their families often find themselves in dire economic straits resulting from job loss, expensive medical treatments and high deductibles. The New Hampshire Breast Cancer Coalition Support Services Fund provides financial support to women who are struggling to pay the critical expenses of daily living, such as rent, utilities, car repair and medical co-pays, so they can focus on getting well.

You can help!

NHBCC invites businesses, companies and individuals to sponsor a New Hampshire woman in need. NHBCC will generously acknowledge your donation and you will make a meaningful difference in the life of a New Hampshire breast cancer patient.

Download the 2-page brochure today to learn more and make your donation!

Sponsor a New Hampshire Woman!

 To speak with someone about this opportunity, contact NHBCC at 603-659-3482.