Support Services Fund

Effective September 1, 2020, the New Hampshire Breast Cancer Coalition will have a new general mailing address, however the NHBCC Support Services Fund mailing address has not changed.  It remains the same.  If you, with the help of your provider, are applying for financial support from the NHBCC Support Services Fund, please continue to use this address to mail your application:



PO BOX 643

NASHUA NH 03061-0643


What is the NHBCC Support Services Fund?
The NHBCC Support Services Fund is a resource for patients who have exhausted all other options for financial assistance. Funds are available on a case-by-case basis. Virtually any request is considered, but funds are limited. A five-member NHBCC committee adjudicates and makes a decision on each application.

Who is eligible for the Support Services Fund?
Anyone with a diagnosis of breast cancer living or being treated in New Hampshire is eligible to apply to the New Hampshire Breast Cancer Coalition Support Services Fund.

What is covered by the Support Services Fund?
The Support Services Fund assists applicants with essential daily living expenses as they go through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.  Typical requests include rent, mortgage, utilities, car repair, transportation, child care, groceries, and minor medical expenses, including lymphedema supplies.  We are not able to consider major medical expenses.

How can I access the Support Service Fund?
Patients must access the NHBCC Support Services Fund in collaboration with their health care provider (social worker, oncologist, nurse, surgeon), or through their hospital or clinic Social Services or Financial Department.

First, download the application and information forms.  Then, meet with your health care provider to complete the application for submission.

Financial Assistance Application

Application Guidelines for Financial Assistance

For more information Support Services Fund:

  • Patients: Contact NHBCC at for more information or to request an application form by mail.
  • Providers: NHBCC will provide additional information by emailing us at NHBCC looks forward to working with New Hampshire health care professionals to assist patients in need.